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Ever-Clean Clog Free Gutters provides the Most Dependable and Superior Maintenance and Clog Free Gutter System on the Market Today for Residential Homes and Commercial Businesses in Lexington, Fayette County Kentucky, Central Kentucky, and Throughout the State of Kentucky. Call Ever-Clean Clog Free Gutters at 513.745.0535 or 859-372-0535.

Ever-Clean Clog Free Gutters

Ever-Clean Clog Free Gutters started back in 1996.  when a licensed general contractor discovered many incidents of water damage due to faulty gutter systems, and encountered many homeowners who were very frustrated with their gutters.  He too became frustrated with what the gutter market offered.
Why do we, as intelligent people, climb ladders, risking bodily harm just to rescue our house from clogged gutters causing rotted wood and damp basements?

He decided to design a gutter system that would address those concerns.

He went to work on gutter design; after research, travel and study, it was finished a year later.  Now to find someone that could design a machine that could cut and bend the aluminum to his specifications.    Plans were submitted to 6 countries and 63 companies before finding the right person. A bracket also needed to be designed that was strong enough to handle all the weather elements of mother nature.  This bracket could not brake or crack with extreme temperature changes or ice loads.  After researching automotive formulas for various brackets, the formula was found.

Now there was one last task, what to name this gutter design.  It must be special, and different from all the others currently being used and confused due to their similarity.
aluminum gutter on green roof of a house

In looking through notes he found a thought he had written down “I want these gutters to stay clear and clean For-Ever”. There it was--“Ever-Clean.”
“Our customers are very important to us. We take pride in our work. We are honest and dependable. We do appreciate your business.”
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